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Kristin Hannah's Coming Home 4-book Bundle

On Mystic Lake, Summer Island, Distant Shores, Home Again
Author: Search for this author Hannah, Kristin
Year: 2013
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âEuro²All the world loves Kristin Hannah," raves <i>Newsday</i> about this <i>New York Times</i> bestselling author. And itâEuros no wonder: She consistently writes compelling, beautifully told contemporary novels full of resilient characters and powerful emotion. Now for the first time, four of HannahâEuros best-loved tales are together in one eBook bundle:<br><b></b><br><b>ON MYSTIC LAKE</b><br><b></b><br><b>âEuro²Superb . . . IâEuroll heartily recommend <i>On Mystic Lake</i> to any woman . . . who demands that a story leaves her with a satisfied glow."âEuro"<i>The Washington Post Book World</i></b><br><br>Annie ColwaterâEuros husband has just confessed that heâEuros in love with a younger woman. Devastated, Annie retreats to the small town where she grew up. There, she is reunited with her first love, Nick Delacroix, a recent widower who is unable to cope with his silent, emotionally scarred young daughter. Together the three of them begin to heal. But just when Annie believes sheâEuros been given a second chance at happiness, she is forced to make a choice that no woman in love should ever have to make.<br><br><b>SUMMER ISLAND</b><br><b></b><br><b>âEuro²Many a daughter will see something of herself in Ruby."âEuro"<i>People</i></b><br><br>Years ago, Nora Bridge walked out on her marriage and her family. Now she is a celebrity talk-show host. Her daughter Ruby is a struggling comedienne. The two havenâEurot spoken in more than a decade. Then a scandal from NoraâEuros past is exposed, and Ruby is offered a fortune to write a tell-all. Reluctantly she returns to the family house on Summer Island, with its frayed memories of joy and heartache. Confronting a mother who has harbored terrible secrets, Ruby finally begins to understand the complex ties that bindâEuro"and the healing that comes with forgiveness.<br><br><b>DISTANT SHORES</b><br><b></b><br><b>âEuro²There are real-life lessons here told with truth, humor, and courage. You will love this story."âEuro"Adriana Trigiani</b><br><br>Elizabeth and Jackson Shore married young and weathered the storms as they built a family. From a distance their lives look picture perfect. But after their two girls leave home, Jack and Elizabeth quietly drift apart. Then tragedy turns ElizabethâEuros world upside down. In the aftermath, she questions everything about her lifeâEuro"her choices, her marriage, even her long-forgotten dreams. In a move that shocks her husband, friends, and daughters, she lets go of the woman she has becomeâEuro"and reaches out for the woman she wants to be.<br><b></b><br><b>HOME AGAIN</b><br><b></b><br><b>âEuro²A tender, beautifully told story of emotional growth, forgiveness [and] the possibility of miracles."âEuro"<i>Publishers Weekly</i>(starred review)</b><br><br>Madelaine Hillyard may be a world-famous heart surgeon, but her personal life is less successful. Her teenage daughter, Lina, is fast becoming a strangerâEuro"a rebel desperate to find the father who walked away before she was born. Complicating matters are the vastly different DeMarco brothers: While priest Francis is always ready to lend a helping hand, Angel long ago took on the role of bad boy. Years earlier Angel abandoned MadelaineâEuro"and fatherhoodâEuro"to seek fame and fortune, leaving her devastated. Now he needs help from the very people he betrayedâEuro"as a patient in dire need.



Author: Search for this author Hannah, Kristin
Year: 2013
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ISBN: 9780345546692
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Language: Englisch
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